Sex life getting dull? Think nothing can spice it up? Thing again. SMOOTH’s resident sexpert Ayisha Diaz tells a steamy true story of how a seemingly normal evening became an erotic adventure when her shy friend suddenly transformed into a freak. It’s a truly inspirational tale that proves that anything is possible with a little open-mindedness—and a lot of Patrón. 



When I woke up the next morning, it all felt like a dream—but it was all real. We really had partied all night and f-cked ’til the morning!

  It just goes to show: You really don’t know what to expect when you go out with your man and your supposedly shy, quiet friend.

It started out like any other evening. We went out to the club, but the music was wack so we got drunk fast to block it out. The next thing I knew, my friend was on top of the bar, bouncing her big butt in her little pink dress. You should have seen it!

 Three shots of Patrón later, we started playing Truth Or Dare. Things got freaky quick. In no time, we went from simple dares like dancing at the bar to more intermediate stuff like kissing each other. The male patrons were awed with delight —and more than a few of the females, too. But no one was more excited than my man. He could see where this evening was headed.

   It was more than the club could handle. The three of us left at 3:00 a.m. and walked down the street, holding hands and flirting shamelessly. By the time we got in a taxi and made it home, we were all halfway undressed. Two of us were soaking wet and the other one was stiff as a board.

   We made it home without getting arrested, and when the elevator doors closed behind us, I demanded that she kiss him. I half expected her to revert to her shy ways, but she dove right in and laid a major lip-lock on my man right in front of me.

   We couldn’t stop laughing all the way into the apartment. My friend and I asked my man—well, more like told him—to sit on the couch and let us blindfold him. He agreed—wouldn’t you?—so I quickly ran to the closet and got a pillowcase to put over his head. We told him that he was our hostage for the night, so he’d better do whatever we want.

   Once we had him at our mercy, I decided to find out how well my man knew me. My friend and I took turns kissing and grinding on him to see if he could tell us apart. Then we got him naked, and that’s when things really went to the next level.

   We felt like teenagers as we played games with him. I would lick the tip and she would lick his balls, and we would ask him which one of us did it to see if he could tell the difference.

   A few deep-throats later, we decided that she was going to sit on his lap and I was going to pull the pillowcase up over his mouth so he could taste me until I came. Things got so messy and hot on the couch that he took off the pillowcase and told us that he was taking over now.

   He spanked us all the way to the bedroom, and we loved every second of it. In bed, I got on all fours for my man and my friend whispered to me, “I’ve never been with a girl before.”

   I laughed and whispered back, “Well, that’s the last time you’ll be able to say that. Let me teach you...”

   A few positions later, we fell asleep. Twelve hours after that, I felt someone with really soft skin and hands rubbing against me, trying to wake me up.

   Surprise! It was my no-longer-shy friend, telling me how much fun she’d had and that she couldn’t wait to do it again.

   Before we even got out of bed, she started making plans to spend another night with us—and you’d better believe she wasn’t sleeping on the couch!