Gibbs Amphitrucks Humdinga - $100,000+

You know that cheat code in Grand Theft Auto that lets you drive on water? This amphibious vehicle is like using that cheat code in the real world. It’s designed and manufactured by Gibbs, a U.K.-based company specializing in consumer vehicles that function at high speeds both on the road and in the water for more than 20 years. Their latest creation, the Humdinga, is a rugged high speed Amphitruck that is capable of speeds in excess of 30 mph on water and 65+ on land. It can transition between the two modes in seconds at the push of a button and carry up to seven people or the equivalent weight in cargo—about 1,600 pounds total. It also has a four-wheel-drive off-road setting that will make you the undisputed master of all environments—at least until they make one of these bad boys that can fly.


Om Sound System - Prices Vary

Ah, the great outdoors. The fresh air…the chirping crickets…the bangin’ beats. One of these things is not like the others, but it doesn’t have to be with the Om Sound System. These solar-powered outdoor speakers are weather-resistant and immune to any power-related inconveniences. As long as there’s a sun in the sky, you’ll never be without tunes. Each speaker in the system has its own solar panel, while Bluetooth capability lets you sync up your entire digital music library within seconds. Mother Nature won’t know what hit her.


Oxboard - $800

Walking is so 20th Century. Instead of wasting your valuable energy using your own legs to perambulate like some kind of chump, get yourself an Oxboard. It’s like a Segway without armrests, so it looks more streamlined and is easier to transport and store. Created by a Dutch company, by the same name, the two-wheel electric vehicle lets you move forward and backward, make turns, and even rotate 360 ​​degrees just using your feet and subtle shifts of your body weight. A full charge will take you 12 miles at a top speed of 6 miles per hour. That might not sound that fast, but try walking 12 miles and see how fast you get there.


Jayson Home Brown Leather Cooler - $385 – $1,495

What’s cooler than a cooler? How about a cooler wearing a leather jacket? These deluxe editions of a tailgate party staple come in three sizes, each covered in hand-stitched dark brown leather. Why? Who knows! Sure looks cool, though, doesn’t it?


American President’s Resolute Desk - $9,495

For the past 135 years, all American presidents have sat behind the same desk. Constructed from timber salvaged from the wreck of the HMS Resolute, which was sunk in the Canadian Arctic in 1852, the desk was a gift to President Rutherford Hayes from Queen Victoria of England. Called the Resolute Desk, it’s been a fixture in the Oval Office ever since. Now you can stunt like the big man himself with this museum-quality replica, hand-crafted by credentialed artisans, carpenters, and wood-carvers based on the original drawings of the desk’s designer. Created by History Company, it’s perfect down to the smallest detail, including the brass plate inscribed with a personal message from the queen.



 SolarTab - $119

With all the solar-powered gadgets on the market nowadays, it seems like scientists just recently discovered the sun. Whatever the reason, it’s becoming easier and easier to keep your devices juiced up miles from the nearest electrical outlet. The Solartab not only funnels the sun’s rays into your phone, tablet, etc., it also features a second internal battery that stores power for nighttime or a literal rainy day. Now nothing can stop you from checking Facebook instead of enjoying your day at the beach.


Infinite USB - $18 – $20 each

One of the paradoxes of modern life is that, as more and more things can be plugged into your computer, computers are being designed with fewer and fewer ports. Enter Infinite USB, a small accessory that plugs into a USB-C port, with an adapter (for either Lightning, micro USB, or female USB) snaking out from one side. But it also has a female USB port on it, which lets you daisy-chain multiple Infinite USBs like Russian nesting dolls. The new models are the first to fit the new Macbook’s single USB-C port, allowing more adaptability than the good folks at Apple think you deserve.



GoSun Sport Solar Stove - $279

Cooking meals in 20 minutes without fire or electricity might seem impossible, but not if you harness the awesome power of the sun with the GoSun Sport Solar Stove. It’s one of the fastest and most practical solar cookers on the market, reaching temperatures of 550°F even on overcast days. With its parabolic reflectors and tubular design, the cooker converts nearly 80% of all available sunlight into usable heat. From cakes to steaks, there isn’t anything you can’t prepare, even if the gas company shuts you down for not paying your bill again.


Preston Suit Bag - $350

Doesn’t it seem unfair that many of the times you get to wear your fanciest suit involve long-distance travel, yet every travel bag you’ve ever owned makes your suit look like it spent the night on the floor of a movie theater? The designers at Impressed Bag Co. have solved that problem with this handy piece of luggage that combines a versatile ballistic nylon duffel bag with a detachable garment bag made with Italian leather on the exterior and water resistant rip-proof nylon on the inside. The two parts connect with hidden magnets and fold up into a streamlined design ensuring that your suit will arrive at your destination looking like it’s fresh from the dry cleaners.


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller - $150

Gamers aren’t playing around anymore. This pro-level controller features an arsenal of customizable components and limitless options at your thumbtips. An easy-to-use app lets you select from an assortment of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a personalized feel that greatly improves precision and speed, giving you the edge in split-second tests of skill and dexterity. Hair Trigger Locks let you fire faster, while interchangeable paddles improve your control. The rubberized diamond grip makes sure that it won’t slip when your palms start sweating at that crucial moment. Designed to meet the requirements of today's competitive gamers, it will also help you pwn your trash-talking cousin when he comes over bragging about his Call of Duty skills. Indeed, with this controller in your hands, you could pwn the whole world, one newb at a time.


Louis Vuitton Escale Time Zone - $7,700

This moderately accessible—meaning it costs under 10 grand—Louis Vuitton timepiece boasts a colorful face displaying many of the different exotic locales an international playboy on the go might find himself in. It comes with a gray alligator strap lined with bright yellow rubber, but extra blue, red, and yellow alligator straps can be purchased separately for extra swag.


Roccbox - $535

Roccbox might just be the pefect oven. Not only does it cook with either wood or gas, it’s also completely portable. It can reach its top temperature of 932 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes, thanks to a rolling flame and a stone cooking floor. Just put your gas or wood into a compartment in the rear. The flame rises from its compartment, and the arced roof evenly distributes heat throughout the Roccbox, cooking your food thoroughly and efficiently. How efficiently? It can cook a pizza in 90 seconds. You pretty much won’t need a kitchen anymore.


Nest Cam - $199

When you’re trying to keep track of your home, valuables, kids, wifey, girlfriend, mistress, sneaker collection, etc., it can seem like you need eyes in the back of your hea­d. Look no further why Nest Cam is for everything you . With secure 1080p HD video streaming, advanced Night Vision, activity alerts, a magnetic stand, and an app to control it all from wherever you are, Nest Cam keeps its eye out, even when you can’t.